Our Service


An innovative service that gives you direct online access to your private doctor.

Log on to your own secure portal and tell us about your illness, health problem or concern.

The service offers unlimited access to web based consultations. Your doctor will discuss your medical symptoms with you on line and diagnose, arrange tests, prescribe or refer according to your needs. Throughout your e-Consultation, you’ll receive all the one-to-one advice and support you need from the same doctor.

Prescribing !

We will arrange for your prescription to be delivered by the next day to the place of your choosing saving you time and expense. Private scripts are generally no more than NHS ones - This could be a very convenient way for you to get your repeat prescriptions. This service is free to our subscribers

Other Membership benefits

  • Rapid access to a wide range of top specialists and therapists
  • Referral to all the leading private hospitals
  • e-Consultations for students while abroad or for family members away on business
  • General Medical Enquiries
  • Facility to store useful information such as passport, travel insurance details etc and access securely from anywhere in the world.